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First Day of Spring

On 20, Mar 2012 | No Comments | In Blog, Personal Training | By admin

Happy Spring! Today is the first day of spring, which means there are now 91 days until Summer officially begins. As the warm weather starts and the tank tops and shorts come out, my clients have started to approach me about getting more serious with their nutrition.

Last night, I hosted a nutrition class at the Tuff Enuff gym. I was happy to see how many people want to take their nutrition more serious. We had a great turn out which was motivating to me as a personal trainer and Herbalife distributor because I love helping people who want to be helped.

Thanks to Neil, a fellow Herbalife distributor, we were able to speak about nutrition and give a body composition to each person who attended which was an eye opener for everyone. While they weren’t happy with the numbers they saw, it was a reality check and motivator.

With spring here, a lot of my guests are choosing to order Herbalife because they have heard how fool proof it is and they are tired of being stuck in a rut and are ready to try something that is known to be safe, reliable and easy to incorporate into their daily lives.

If you haven’t seen my results, in just 4 weeks Herbalife helped me to get closer to my goal. See it here: Herbalife Progress.

I placed a large order for some of my clients earlier this week and I love helping people reach their goals.

After yesterdays class, it was great to hear how everyone learned a lot and most of them let me know today that they have people who are asking when the next one is. If anyone is interested please let me know by sending me an email and checking out my personal Herbalife page. I love the product and would love to answer any questions you have.








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