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Update – Four Weeks on Herbalife QuickStart Program

On 24, Jan 2012 | No Comments | In Blog, Personal Training | By admin

It’s been four weeks since I started the Herbalife QuickStart Program and I wanted to give an update on this great program. As a personal trainer, I feel accountable and I stand behind what I share with my clients. In the time I’ve been on the program I’ve been extremely happy with the results (pictured below).

The Program consists of four core products: a healthy meal replacement shake, a multivitamin, a cellular nutrition tablet, and an herbal tea. This program is great for healthy weight management, energy, antioxidants, and cellular health. Taking each product along with an aloe concentrate helped with my digestive system, and it allowed me to cut extra, unnecessary calories and sugars. Rather than starting my morning with a quick grab and go coffee and carbs I drank a meal replacement shake. It also gave me the energy I needed for my long days training and in the salon; and helped to curb my cravings. There are a variety of products available through Herbalife and I’m so excited to continue trying more products, like the 24 Athlete line to help with my hard workouts. I encourage my clients to use Herbalife and I can work with you to tailor the program that will work best for your lifestyle.

How much does your health and your loved ones health mean to you? For more information on the products and/or to place an order visit: click on the ‘Shop’ tab at the top right of the screen, complete and submit the application to register as a potential customer and you’re well on your way to a healthy new you!

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